Gigi Guan

Web & Graphic

About Gigi Guan

Gigi Guan is studying New Media and Web Development at BCIT currently. She became interested in web design when she was in grade 9, the first time she knew that is a design called web design.Gigi had a few days of web design course when she was in grade 12, she was surprised by the codes behind the websites, it looked so complicated which made her became even more curious about web design, but sadly she had to dropped out for some reason.

In order to continue her passion for web design, Gigi chose to study New Media & Web Development at BCIT as mentioned above after graduated from high school. Gigi’s goal to become a front-end developer after this program. She is working hard towards her goal now. Gigi likes to hand code the websites because she wants to create everything on the website by herself. Gigi likes to listen to music and play badminton. To contact Gigi, please email